Vinyl Flooring

Beautiful Durability

Vinyl sheet flooring combines dramatic, authentic-looking visuals – like slate, limestone, sisal and linen – with durability and easy maintenance.

We provide top-quality vinyl flooring. View the full range of vinyl sheet flooring currently available through Vermont Carpet Gallery. Contact us today to choose yours!

vinyl tile flooring showroom middlebury vt

This is one tough floor!

Vinyl sheet floors are designed for long life and extraordinary durability.
During the life of the warranty, vinyl flooring:

  • Will not rip
  • Will not tear
  • Will not gouge
  • Will not permanently indent
  • Will not wear through

100’s of styles and colors of Vinyl Flooring to choose from!

Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Flooring


  • Vinyl floor comes in several prices, styles and colors

Easy care and cleaning

  • Sweep as needed and mop occasionally
  • No waxing, polishing or buffing required

Soft underfoot

  • Vinyl flooring “Gives” when you walk on it
  • Plates and glasses are less likely to break when they fall


  • Vinyl floor is wear-resistant, so it works for kitchens and bathrooms