Seagrass Rugs & Carpets

seagrass carpetsSeagrass rugs and carpets are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. They feature 100% natural fibers with a latex backing.

Seagrass rugs offer natural beauty combined with an inherent strength and stain resistance. This means that seagrass can be used in most situations. It comes in fine and a standard yarn, in a choice of original weave, basket weave or herringbone.

Seagrass is obtained from a tall plant with grass-like stems found in wet lands. Seagrass can be recognized by its grassy, hay-like scent which dissipates with time. Colors range from sage green hues to olive. Seagrass has a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen. Its rigidity gives it natural durability.

As its name implies, seagrass is indeed a grass and sea water does play a part in its production. It is grown in China in paddy fields and at a certain point during the growing season, the fields are flooded with sea water. After harvesting and dying, the seagrass is spun into a strong yarn suitable for weaving. Its impermeability makes it hard to dye by conventional techniques so most products come in the original natural state. As with all plant-fiber floor coverings, there are natural inconsistencies in color and, occasionally, in the spinning and weaving but they tend to add rather than detract from its overall charm and effect